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We can always count on Jill for a consistent, professional voice-image for our interactive telephone applications. Her flexibility and responsiveness to meet demanding timelines have pleased and amazed us.

Sally Tinker
Audio Producer
XO Communications, Interactive Products Group

FedEx chose Jill Jacobs to be our voice on all our 800 number applications. We chose Jill because her friendly and articulate voice truly reflects the attributes of the FedEx brand. In this fast paced, often impersonal business world, Jill's voice provides a warm and friendly touch to thousands of our customers everyday.

Cindy Hoy
Marketing Manager, Global Brand Management
Federal Express

Jill is a truly professional voice-over artist who consistently produces an outstanding quality of work. She is a pleasure to work with and goes the extra mile to ensure her clients are satisfied with the results. Jill's voice-over skills enhance the e-learning experience!

J. Griffin
Instructional Designer

Working with Jill has always been a joy. We've spent hundreds of hours in the studio with her since we started, and because we were going to do a lot of recording, it was critical that we got the right voice at the beginning of our projects. What makes it easy to work with Jill is her total professionalism -- that is, both in the studio (she'll work on a single prompt endlessly, following complex direction, until I'm satisfied) and outside the studio (she's always on-time, considerate, and works to fit emergency sessions into her schedule when we've realized that we've made a mistake). Jill makes the director's life easy because she wants to produce the right thing for them and for the particular project. And while she offers suggestions and will produce several variations on the same recording when needed, she's always flexible in letting the director choose exactly what he wants. Also, Jill's voice conveys complete sincerity -- which, in our business, is the cornerstone of our system's success. Because she's really smart, she understands complex ideas and can convey the right meaning (unlike other voice talents who just read the words off a script -- but don't think about what they're saying). Jill is the among the best of the best.

Blade Kotelly, Creative Director of Interface Design
SpeechWorks International, Inc., Boston MA, (617) 428-4444 My business card

We have been working with Jill Anne Jacobs for the past few years for many of our conference videos. In some ways, Jill has become "the voice of MERL" in the international research community. Her voice adds professionalism and enthusiasm to our highly technical material. Jill is exceptionally well organized, responsible, and always a true pleasure to work with.

Hanspeter Pfister, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory

Jill Jacobs is fantastic at both straight narration, having a national quality voice -- and at character voices, having the ability to change her voice in believable, not caricatured, ways. We include her in our recommendations for almost all non-union jobs we're asked about.

Steve Olenick, President
AudioLink, Inc.